Cooking By “Feel”

I was searching for a spatula today and came across these quirky little measuring spoons my mom got me forever ago. I’ve never used them to measure anything, but they’ve always made me laugh…

One of my challenges in these posts is keeping track of things. I often live in the moment and have never been one to measure things. I work by instinct always just doing what feels right. This is how I do everything whether it be painting a picture, parenting or putting together a meal. I follow my gut, and since in the case of cooking this is what I’m filling, it seems like an appropriate path.

You might notice in some recipes I list what I use in an ideal situation if I’m fully stocked but also list what I used instead if I forgot to grab something at the grocery store. I might list certain ingredients as “optional” or as “add to taste”. For me the fun of cooking is the creativity I can exercise in the kitchen and making something out of whatever I have on hand.

That being said I’ve been doing my best to measure and track important things as I am put together recipes for these posts. Everyone’s tastes are different. I love spicy food, many people do not. I like many foods on the “dry” side, my husband in contrast does not. Cooking is highly subjective and you need to figure out if you don’t already know how you like things.

You might not know what the “right” amount of spice is to to add to a recipe the first time you make it you will eventually. Keep cooking, keep eating, keep staying connected to what you put in to your body and you’ll start to feel it out. And once you do you’ll find a big shake of one spice and a pinch of another is a lot more fun than measuring a teaspoon here and a tablespoon there.

Do you measure most of your ingredients when cooking?

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