Paleo Recipes - Cherry Chocolate Chip Pancakes Or Waffles

Cherry Chocolate Chip Paleo Pancakes (Or Waffles)

cherry chocolate chip paleo waffles Ok, so it has been established. I am a certified breakfast fanatic. I love breakfast in all manifestations. Eggs, paleo pancakes, waffles, donuts, cereal, toast, GASP!!! I know, so much of that is total crap food. And I love it. I do not however eat the conventional grain riddled versions any longer. I do however have a habit of making a batch of either pancakes or waffles, Paleo style, on the weekends and work on eating them throughout the week. These treats are totally appropriate for freezing but I never do because I know they will be eaten. So, this weekend I realized I hadn’t made pancakes in a while and decided that would be my breakfast treat of choice (frankly I’m digging the ease of reheating and transporting paleo waffles).

We still had a slew of cherries from our excursion to Belltown Orchards a week ago so I decided this would be the fruit of choice. I also really wanted to lure M, my little carbaholic, in to eating these so I added a few dark chocolate chunks as bait. I have to say, the cherry chocolate chip version was not a hit with M but Cal, Steve and I all thought they were a great success.

Paleo Cherry Chocolate Chip Waffles

  • Pit cherries (tedious work, I will seriously reconsider before allowing a free for all with the kids at pyo cherries next year)
  • Puree cherries and bananas until smooth
  • Add almond butter and puree until smooth(LOVE my immersion blender)
  • Add all remaining ingredients except chocolate chips and mix
  • Stir in chocolate chips
  • Heat skillet to medium/high, add a little coconut oil if your skillet isn’t non stick
  • Ladle in batter and watch for bubbles to come up to the top surface of the pancake
  • Flip and cook opposite side 2-3 minutes.

Every stove top and skillet is a little different. The first batch of pancakes in the pan are always the test subjects to see how long it takes before they can be flipped successfully yet still be golden and how long the opposite side needs to cook. I will say these pancakes have a tendency to need to cook a little longer than some pancakes before firming up yet also brown more quickly sue to their high sugar content. Keep an eye on them!

In the end after I made half of the batter in to pancakes I pulled out my waffle iron to see how the batter would do this way as well. Success! I actually preferred this variation more as waffles than pancakes, but again, I think that’s just a phase I’m in now.

What’s your favorite breakfast food? and have you ever pitted quantities of cherries, any tips or tricks because it was a pain in the a@#?

Paleo Pancakes

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