Cauliflower Rice (As I Made It This Evening….)

Eating Paleo for the most part has been pretty straight forward. Who doesn’t like fresh, whole foods in most cases simply prepared? There are however the times where you crave a “base” layer for the sauce or stew you have cooked up? You yearn for the sponge you are so used to using to mop up each and every delectable bite. In cases like this we often fall back on cauliflower rice. It’s easy, straight forward, delicious, and often if friends are eating over they don’t even realize it isn’t actual rice.

When making cauliflower rice I usually pull out my cuisinart and grate the cauliflower in large batches, making enough for the meal I am cooking and some to freeze for later use. Given the state of my counters when I was cooking I didn’t have room to pull out the cuisinart so I decided to just hack the cauliflower up as finely as possible on a cutting board. This was a bit more time consuming on the front end but less the clean up afterwards so if you’re just prepping one head of cauliflower for rice seems to work just fine. Some people also use a cheese grater but given my propensity for grating my fingers I steer clear of such gadgets.

Cauliflower Rice(as I made it this evening….)

  • Grate the cauliflower to a rice like consistency (DO NOT cook it first!!!)
  • Heat a large skillet and melt your butter
  • Add the cauliflower a little at a time and stir it to coat in butter. Continue this until all the cauliflower has been added.
  • Saute until the cauliflower has been cooked through.

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