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Breakfast And Breathing

20120819-215112.jpg Today was my first morning with my loves in 10 days. First I was traveling for business, then for pleasure with my mom and sister and now we’re all out in Colorado together for a week before school starts and the fall routine begins. So how did I celebrate my first morning back with my sweet babes?

    • Up at 3am convincing Cal it wasn’t yet time to get up(time zones are tough!)
    • Accepting sleep really was over at 6am
    • Quiet morning cuddles quickly followed by bouncing balls and banging block
    • Getting comfy in my mom’s kitchen making myself a big breakfast, returning to my morning rituals and egg routine

I was so pleased opening the fridge to find kale and peppers, eggs and coconut milk. There was even a huge pack of Canadian bacon. It wasn’t fancy and hardly even deserves a recipe post but it felt so darn good prepping and cooking, sipping coffee and eating I want to honor it with a post!

Here’s what I did:

  • Heated a large skillet over medium
  • Browned 3 pieces if Canadian Bacon until crispy
  • Melted a large pat of butter
  • sautéed red bell peppers and kale until soft
  • Fried two eggs until the whites were set but yolks still runny
  • sliced 1/2 an avocado over the top
  • Savored each and evry bite as I watched the kids play and chatted with my mom.

Breakfast is always the meal I enjoy the most. The time I feel like I have a world of opportunity in front of me and all the time to explore it… By lunch the feeling has usually passed but somehow with a big plate of eggs in front of me I find it possible to breathe:)



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