Paleo Diet - Some Things To Be Aware Of

Beware of Some “Paleo” Advice













I came across this infographic some time ago and thought “that’s handy”.  That was until I read that it recommends you don’t eat any salt. I’ve actually seen this in several places … I believe that this is poor paleo advice.

When I first saw this I made a quick call to a friend who is a nutritionist to check the facts.  They told me what was advised here was wrong.

If you are on a “normal junk” diet then you don’t need any salt, this is because processed food contains more than you or I would ever need.

However as a good Paleoista you will have stopped eating processed food and it’s highly likely that you aren’t getting any salt or at least not enough in your diet now.

Salt plays an important role in keeping our bodies healthy.  The Institute of Medicine recommends that healthy adults consume 1500 mg of sodium, or 3.8 grams of salt, to replace the amount lost daily on average through sweat and urination.

So please don’t believe everything you read and if in doubt check.

Apart from the salt issue, this cheat sheet is quite useful.


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