Beef Pickup Yet We Had Chicken Sausages And Stir Fried Kale For Dinner

Today was our long awaited beef pick up. We have been toying with the idea for some time of buying a side of grass fed beef. It’s a weekly purchase at our local whole foods store and I’ve wanted to experiment with different cuts. That being said it is a rare occasion that I am usually willing to spend the $25 or more per lb they often charge for various steaks.

We were ready to make the purchase in the fall but had Hurricane Irene that left us without power for 6 days followed by the freak October snow storm leaving us in the dark for 10 days. After two fairly substantial losses of groceries I was leery of the big investment. (I’m a bit enamored by the idea of power outages and have so far refused to get a generator. I enjoy the silence and candle light and general down time such outages bring. Alas given the recent rash of long stretches with no power in our area the silence part has vanished- everyone surrounding us has purchased a generator and their noise fills the neighborhood. Given this fact and our recent beef purchase, I may have to break down and give in to buying one.)

Back to the beef… I decided it was time but didn’t want to buy a whole side or even a quarter of one for my first foray into a massive beef purchase so I posted to my crossfit box asking who else would be interested. The answer was a lot of people and we ended up with 15 people for our cow pool.

After researching local grass fed options (and there were actually quite a few) we chose to go with Savage Hill Cattle Company. We purchased two cows that were sent to process once we ordered. The beef is dry aged for about two weeks, then butchered according to your request, cryovaced and frozen.

Between all of the research, cow pooling, money collection, etc today, the big beef pick up, has been a long time coming.

We all met at the butcher essentially taking over his parking lot to split the beef out evenly amongst ourselves. 6 of us came to pick up and sorted nearly 1000 pounds of grass fed goodness in less than an hour.

What did we get:
lots of ground beef(about 22 lbs a piece)
a fair amount of stew meat
short ribs
porterhouse steaks with huge filets
rib steaks
london broil
flank steak
rump roast
eye of round roast
chuck steaks
soup shanks
neck bones

I feel like I’m missing something but don’t know what…

I drove home and quickly unloaded several hundred pounds of beef into our freezer in the basement and had to get creative in doing so. Fortunately I was only beef sitting for three folks a couple of days until they were able to get over to pick it up. I also put several pounds of ground beef, 2 london broils and 6 steaks in the refrigerator to begin defrosting.

After all this what did we have for dinner, our trusty hot italian chicken sausages and sauteed kale and peppers… All that work left me to exhausted for much creativity and all the beef was still frozen.

Have you ever purchased beef direct from the ranch? What was your experience?

Chicken Sausages and Kale Stir Fry

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