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Flavorful Paleo Classic Beef Jerky You Don’t Want to Miss

Ever wanted a great snack but tired of fruits, nuts or fresh vegetables? Why not try the classic beef jerky? It’s delicious and packed with protein. Great if you’re always on the go or the days schedule is quite hectic.

For centuries, people have ben on the look out for great snacks that are easy to carry around and is just about enough to keep us feeling full until the next meal. There are a lot of people who are hooked on several healthy snacks, such as fruits and fresh vegetables. But let’s face facts that it can get boring when we eat only those type of foods and don’t look for an alternative.

Sometimes when I feel the need for a quick snack and I’ve had enough of dried fruit, seeds and nuts I reach for some of my homemade Beef Jerky or some South African Biltong. And boy it feels great to have homemade beef jerky! Jerky or beef jerky is a very old way of preserving meat, particularly lean meat. Besides its health benefits, the classic beef jerky is easy to make. I usually make up a batch of jerky every week and then keep it until I feel the need! Want to know how I do it? Well, here is the recipe for my Paleo classic beef jerky.


Paleo Classic Beef Jerky
Recipe type: Easy
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 3lbs
A simple recipe that allows you to make your own delicious tasting beef jerky that is completely Paleo.
  • 3 pounds (1.36 kg) of Beef (or any meat type you prefer)
  • Your Choice of Marinade (you can go from sweet to spicy!)
  • Table Salt
  • Freshly Ground Pepper
  1. Clean your meat well and make sure you pat it dry. Then you can cut your beef (or any choice of meat) into equal size pieces before seasoning. If you prefer seasoning the meat first before cutting, that’s fine as well.
  2. Next, marinade your meat for 4 hours. The marinade will be of your choice, so you can add your favorite flavor.
  3. After marinating for 4 hours, lay your strips on a cookie sheet with foil. Make sure the meat doesn’t touch each other, else you’ll have pieces of meat stuck together.
  4. It’s time for the drying part! Set your oven to the lowest temperature possible and pop the cookie sheet with your strips into it.
  5. This is important: Leave the oven door propped open. This creates proper ventilation for your jerky.
  6. Leave your jerky in the oven to dry properly for 6-10 hours. Check occasionally to make sure you are getting the results you want.
  7. And voila! You have a perfect snack even when you are on the go.

It’s easy for you to make a variety of different flavors for your beef jerky! Just create a marinade and leave the slices to soak in it for about 4 hours. Alternatively simply cover in chili flakes for a nice hot jerky. If you are really into beef jerky but are not confident about leaving the door to your oven propped open for 6-10 hours you can use a dehydrator instead.

An electric dehydrator is a great investment especially for families who want to make lots of jerky. Most electric dehydrators have built in thermostats which help to create the right texture for beef jerky and is great for dehydrating other foods as well.

So if you want something new on your snack list, try making your own classic beef jerky. Just one batch and for sure you’ll get hooked, too.



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