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A Knobbly Old Piece of Ginger/Scallion Ginger Soft Shell Crabs

This recipe all started with the semi soft piece of ginger I knew was wasting away in my produce drawer. It drives me crazy to waste food if I can help it and I was determined to use this knobby old piece of root if it was the last thing I did today… Steve requested fish for dinner. As Cal and I headed out for our weekly grocery trip on Saturday afternoon these were the two criteria I had guiding me for dinner.

We got to WF, walked the perimeter, hit the fish counter and saw…. NOTHING that looked remotely good. We then moved on to the meat counter…. even less inspiring. Back to the fish counter, I noticed a small tray of soft shell crabs, they looked good, the kids eat them, and they were even on sale. Done. I had them pack 6 up, we went to pay and headed home.

After an hour or so playing outside in the sunset we went in to cook dinner. I put on the awesome scallion ginger sauce that really makes this dish. I started the Green Curry Broccoli Soup that I posted this weekend. Then I set up my assembly line for frying these little soft shells up.

These were a tasty unexpected treat this time of year. I will say though, that despite my pleasure in stuffing two in to my belly at dinner, one is really a more appropriate meal size as they are pretty decadent.

Scallion Ginger Soft Shell Crabs

  • Pulse scallions and ginger in a food processor until roughly chopped, place in a large heat proof bowl
  • Heat Walnut oil in a pot over medium heat until smoking- keep a close eye on it as it can combust
  • Once oil is thoroughly heated, pour over scallion ginger mixture and let it sit- be careful- this will bubble and is extremely hot!
  • Set up one bowl with almond meal, cayenne pepper and salt and pepper
  • Set up a second bowl with two eggs and beat them
  • Heat your coconut oil in a large skillet until melted
  • Dredge your crabs one at a time in eggs then almond meal
  • Place in hot oil
  • Fry for 4-5 minutes
  • Flip over, and repeat on opposite side
  • Place on paper towels to drain
  • Plate and top with scallion ginger oil mixture (start with 2 TBSPs per crab, but honestly I can not get enough of this topping….)
  • Sprinkle with coconut aminos
  • melt in to the deliciousness that these little morsels offer



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