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A Hot, Humid Ride And Chocolate Cherry Protein Recovery Shake

Only 3 weeks left until Ironman, I know, I know, you’re tired of the countdown. I however can’t get over the window closing in on me and am constantly aware of it… Excited, anxious, aware. This morning we did a 20 mile bike ride around South Glastonbury and boy was it hot and humid. Lots of great climbs like Matson Hill and Foote Rd, good downhills like Woodland Street and Foote Rd (we go up and down this beauty), a lovely rolling sprint up Coldbrook, a hill sprint up Southland and an easy finish with a quick out to the river and back. If you’ve never biked around Glastonbury, CT and you ever have the chance you should. Biking and running around here is what is helping me grow to love the area. The abundance of farms are the other thing. What to do after a hot, humid ride? make recovery shake. I have a ton of cherries we picked at Belltown orchards recently and decided to use some.

Now, now, before I get started I want to issue the disclaimer that I know whey protein is not “paleo”. I know that real food is always best. And all that being said I still make SFH shakes and consume them after some workouts. It’s all about being conscious of our decisions and this is one that I am consciously making. Educate yourself here and make your own conscious decision.

Chocolate Cherry Protein Recovery Shake

This one is pretty straight forward. I usually place the fruit in, pour the liquid over it, the top with the protein powder.

  • Place cherries in blender
  • Place bananas in blender
  • Pour Coconut milk in blender
  • Dump powder in blender
  • Add some ice cubes if you like a thicker consistency and your bananas weren’t frozen
  • Blend
  • Enjoy

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