Paleo Recipe - Pressure Cooker Tips

5 Tips To Help You Get The Most From Your Pressure Cooker

Once you begin using a pressure cooker, you’ll start to wonder why you didn’t invest in one before. For those of us who lead quite hectic lifestyles and don’t have the time to spend hours in the kitchen, a pressure cooker can prove a real godsend. Even when following a Paleo lifestyle.

Paleo - Pressure Cooker

But if you want to make sure that you get the most out of yours then you need to keep the following in mind when you enjoy the Paleo diet.

1. Always Cook With Liquid

When it comes to cooking with this equipment you don’t need to use as much liquid as you would when cooking using conventional methods. This is because far less of the liquid evaporates. You can if you want, use more liquid than is recommended. But you should never use less.

Paleo Recipe - Always Cook With Liquid

What you need to remember when following any Paleo recipes is that these cook foods much quicker as they use the pressure created by the build up of steam in them.

So you should always:

Use at least one cup of liquid when cooking.

You should never fill the pressure cooker more than half full with liquid.

Should you add too much liquid when cooking and you find that afterwards there is too much left over. You can reduce it by simply bringing it to the boil and allowing it to then reduce down to the consistency you require.

2. Never Overfill It

Steam may not weigh anything, but it still needs space inside the pressure cooker to build up. So you should never fill it more than two-thirds full with ingredients from your Paleo diet food list or half full with liquid.

3. Adjust The Heat

When it comes to cooking with this equipment the concept is quite simple. Water or any liquid you use for cooking begins boiling when it reaches a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Once this occurs steam is then produced. Steam is hotter than boiling water or liquid. It is able to reach temperatures of around 250 degrees Fahrenheit. When it is trapped the steam will build and build putting around 10 to 13 PSI on the food, causing it to cook faster. A pressure cooker is able to cook food by as much as 25% quicker compared to when you use the conventional methods.

Paleo Recipes - Adjust The Heat

To achieve the best results you should make sure you do the following:

Begin by cooking the food under pressure over a high heat. Then once the cooker has come up to pressure then reduce the heat so that it maintains this pressure but doesn’t exceed it. This is easy when cooking on a gas hob. But if you are using an electric hob, you should place it initially on a hob where the heat is high. Then once pressure has been reached move it over on to another hob where the heat is lower. If you notice at any time pressure seems to be dropping then increase the heat slightly.

4. Size Matters

When it comes to cooking with such equipment size really does matter. To ensure that you get the best results possible you should cut food into pieces that are of a similar size. This will ensure that they cook evenly.

Paleo Food - Size Matters

When it comes to mixing foods together you should begin by cooking the pieces that need longer first. So you should cook the grass-fed meat first before then releasing the pressure to add the other ingredients.

You may need to do this a few times when cooking. But by doing this you are ensuring that not only does the food retain its flavour but also its texture.

5. Browning Is Vital

If you brown the Paleo diet meat before you put them into the pressure cooker it will ensure that you get a much more intense flavour. After browning the meat deglaze the pan. As well as helping to loosen any bits of food it will give the meal even more, flavour. Plus it will prevent the base of the pan in your pressure cooker from becoming scorched.

Paleo Recipes - Browning Matters

Hopefully you will have found these tips for using your pressure cooker when following a Paleo lifestyle useful.  Remember you can make some truly delicious Paleo recipes in a short space of time when you use such equipment.

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