Paleo Breakfast For Busy Individuals

Revealing 5 Amazing Paleo Breakfast Ideas For Busy Individuals

Always in a hurry? Have you skipped your breakfast more than you’ve actually enjoyed one? You will not do the same mistake again once you’ve learned about these easy Paleo breakfast that we gathered for busy people just like you.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it can affect the body’s metabolism. Not only are you skipping the meal that will kick start your day, you’re also missing the opportunity of feeding your body with enough energy and nutrition to use for the whole day. Breakfast is named as such because it literally breaks the fasting that your body goes through every night. So having the right breakfast will definitely benefit your body more than you’ll know.

Paleo Food - Breakfast

However, the world today can be harsh when it comes to breakfast, often we simply don’t have time because most people need to be at work by a particular time. But this is no reason for you to keep on skipping breakfast, especially a Paleo breakfast. There are many easy Paleo diet breakfast ideas that you can try out at home without fear of being late or getting stuck in rush hour traffic and we’ve listed some great ideas below just for you.

1. Paleo Breakfast Pancakes

Paleo Breakfast Pancakes

Okay, so pancakes may be one of the last breakfast ideas you have in mind, but this particular breakfast will definitely not veer out of the Paleo principle. You do not have to use the regular flour or pancake mix because Paleo has its own version. You can definitely indulge in this easy-to-make breakfast with the use of almond flour or coconut flour or even sweet potato. You can also use coconut milk as an alternative for the regular milk.  Plus rather incorporating the whole egg just use the egg whites on their own to make such a breakfast treat.

Afraid of sugar? Don’t be, substitute the sugar for fruits instead! You can also top it with your favorite nuts and even a little maple syrup. Making your favorite pancakes in the morning does not sound so hard with Paleo ingredients anymore.

2. The Healthy Bread

Paleo Food - Healthy Bread

Just like your Paleo pancakes, you can take your breakfast to a whole new level by eating bread that you will not feel guilty about. Again you can use almond or coconut flour, coconut milk and your choice of fruits. You can even make Paleo diet breakfast cookies, muffins or cupcakes. It is entirely your choice what type of bread or other baked goods you enjoy. You can make your Paleo bread the night before using a food processor,  then toast it in the morning and serve it with your favorite bacon. Bacon takes only a few minutes to cook and popping the bread in the toaster won’t even cause you to break a sweat.

3. A Hearty Casserole

Paleo Hearty Stew

These kinds of Paleo breakfast recipes takes more time but is a definite favorite on days that you just want to have a great meal in the morning. Paleo inspired casseroles can have sausage, beef or bacon, your choice of Paleo veggies, usually layered in a dish and topped with an egg. It is best when making this particular breakfast that you use coconut oil or grass-fed butter to cook the meat in first.  Then put the casserole in the oven and it will do the rest. The best part of this meal is you can do other things whilst it is cooking or you could even make it the night before and then reheat it in the morning. And children will definitely love this meal.

4. Munchies To Go

Paleo Snacks - To Go

If you simply have no time, then being able to eat something on your way to work is possible when you try out these particular breakfast food ideas that are Paleo approved. A simple boiled egg is considered to be the ideal breakfast food for those leading a Paleo lifestyle. You can scramble eggs and place them in some Paleo bread along with some bacon and you have a tummy filling sandwich to go. If you’re a little more adventurous, then try making a salad roll. Wrap your favorite bacon, salami or even leftover meat together with your choice of salad greens, cucumber, carrots or even avocado. For the wrap, you can use kale or collard greens or even nori. Wrap your salad and you have a healthy breakfast food that is perfect for your Paleo lifestyle.

5. The Super Smoothies

Paleo Smoothies

This breakfast idea may demand a little bit  more of your time, but you also need to indulge in small things. Smoothies should not always be associated with something that may make you fat. In fact, our list of Paleo breakfast ideas will not be complete without a drink that will complement this meal. Paleo breakfast smoothies are made from fresh fruits packed with antioxidants and protein. If you’re into chocolate, then it’s okay as the paleolithic diet allows the use of pure cocoa. Just blend in the fruit of your choice and sugar is no longer a problem.

When it comes to breakfast then you shouldn’t find this a problem when following the Paleo diet.  In fact with so many different kinds of paleo breakfast ideas available for you to make you should find you enjoy this meal more every day.  If you are someone who is truly dedicated to keeping your body in shape then making time for breakfast every day is a must.


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